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Design simulation with Y-App



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The GEYER-App Y-QUARTZ with analyzing tool, developed for Android operating systems,
helps you to select the appropriate crystal and optimize your oscillator circuit:

● Easy implementation of new designs

● Simple check of existing designs for correct functioning

● Optimization of existing designs where required

● Easy and efficient use of App to avoid complicated and time consuming measurements

Free and easy download from Google Play Store

By graphical and interactive visualization of the impedance of a crystal with its load
capacity or the visualization of the behavior of the feedback network of a crystal oscillator,
even the less-experienced designer can better understand the effects of the crystal
parameters and optimize his design.

Frequent crystal oscillator issues like excessive crystal load or a long start-up time easily
can be avoided. For example, after a simple measurement of the crystal?s signal amplitude,
the load of the crystal can be viewed in a diagram.

In addition to the analyzing tool, the Y-Quartz App also provides comprehensive information
on Geyer Electronics crystals and other timing products, as well as offering download
links for data sheets of selected products.
Video - App Performance

Version for PC

A version of the Y-Quartz app for working on PCs is available on request from the GEYER Design and Test Center.
Crystal and Oscillator Tutorial